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About Life Groups

We believe that, in addition to worshipping and serving regularly as the larger body of the Church, the Christian life is best done in smaller groups – what we call “Life Groups.“

We believe that the purpose of life groups can be summed up by Acts 2:42, which gives four amazing principles for us:

“They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ Teaching (Bible Study), to Fellowship (Applying the Bible to doing life together), Breaking of bread (worshipping) and to Prayer.”

What Happens in a typical Lifegroup?

Each group works out it’s own way of “doing life together.”  But, usually it involved eating together, sharing together, looking at the Bible together and praying together.We’re flexible on how new group members participate as we understand it can be pretty daunting going into a new group.  You won’t be asked to speak or participate if you’re uncomfortable – take it at your own pace!The main thing that happens at a life group is that we do life together.

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